Prenatal care

Prenatal class "Get Your Floor Ready for Baby":Designed for expecting parents, this class is meant to provide you and your birth partner with the best knowledge and tools to prepare your pelvis for labour and birth.

Prenatal consultation: Get introduced to pelvic health in the privacy of our beautiful & relaxing clinic. We will be happy to help you manage symptoms such as urine leakage, pelvic/low back/hip/tailbone pain, bowel issues, pelvic heaviness and so on. If you do not have any symptoms and simply want to prepare as best as you can for birth, we will be thrilled to help you and your birth partner get confident in regards to your birth. Our goal is to provide you with the best treatment & education for a comfortable pregnancy, labour & delivery.

Postnatal care

Post Partum Core & Floor Awareness Program: In this 4-week mom & baby program, we provide new mothers with a safe & supportive healing space to re-establish a connection with their body. Along with gentle pelvic floor & core awareness exercises, education is provided about relevant topics such as safe return to activities, back pain & pelvic symptoms management, return to sex, and more.

Postnatal consultation:  We will start your healing session by listening to your birth story and conducting a thorough interview about your current health & symptoms. In our clinic, 100% of our focus is on you, mothers. We will make sure that every one of your concerns is addressed, because you deserve the best care. Whether it is by re-aligning your body through manual therapy, prescribing appropriate core & pelvic floor exercises, providing advice in symptoms management or sharing helpful resources, we are here to support you in your healing journey.