Postpartum Healing Summit


7 experts, 7 interviews!

Want to learn more about how to navigate your postpartum journey at different levels? This summit is for you!

You just had your baby, and you may feel a bit overwhelmed with all these new things you need to learn and navigate. How to take care of your little one, from diaper changing to feeding? How to keep your relationship strong despite all the changes happening? How to get back into sex after delivery? And what about physical activities? Oh and… how are you supposed to deal with sleep deprivation and when should you expect sleep to get better?

So many questions. And sometimes googling things can help, but sometimes it can be a rabbit hole leading to more questions and more anxiety.

In this online summit, you will learn from 7 different experts about various topics related to postpartum care.

Included in the summit:

  • For only 20$, get unlimited access to 7 video interviews with the 7 experts below
  • Learn about: breastfeeding, milk production, postpartum sexuality, return to sports, relationship management, sleep coaching, optimizing digestion & more
  • Watch at your own pace from the comfort of your home!
  • No time to watch videos? No problem: our downloadable audio files are available to provide you with more flexibility, so you can listen to the interviews in a podcast format