Pregnant and living an active lifestyle?

Are you an active mom-to-be looking to get back to your active lifestyle seamless after birth? As a Pelvic Health Physiotherapist specializing in pre and postnatal care, I have helped more than a thousand of my clients feel physically and mentally prepared for birth so they can reduce the likelihood of pelvic floor injuries from birth and return to their sports and activities confidently without pelvic floor symptoms after their baby is born. If that's something you might be into, watch this short video to get an overview of my approach, and apply on a discovery call with me to see if we are a fit to work together!

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Sophie Villeneuve and "Get your Floor Ready for Baby" are fantastic resources for pregnant women preparing for labour and delivery. Sophie is a very engaging instructor - her modules are easy to understand, with clear exercises and summaries that keep the information digestible and easily applicable, without overwhelm. Sophie has a wealth of advanced training and clinical experience, and I have confidently referred my own pregnant patients to her for years for clinical consultations and in-person classes. Investing in your pelvic floor health with Sophie is not something you will regret!

Dr Jocelyn Murphy, ND -
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