About us

Dear mom-to-be 🙂

My name is Sophie Villeneuve and I am a Pelvic Health Physiotherapist and certified Birth Healing Specialist. Since 2015, I have helped more than a thousand of my clients to prepare their body for an empowering birth, and to fully recover after their delivery.

You are a GREAT FIT for my program if you...

  • Are newly pregnant, no matter where you are located : yes you read it well - I work with women from all over the map!
  • Live an active lifestyle: your goal is to return to your favourite activities ASAP postpartum, because you thrive both physically and mentally when you are moving and feeling strong.
  • Are all about prevention and education: you believe in the philosophy "knowledge is power". You are not a fan of the "wait and see" approach.
  • Are committed and self-driven  - you are ready to put in the time and efforts to achieve your goals!

What our clients have to say about our program...


"My pushing stage was amazing. I had very minimal damage from my birth, I think in part because of the work I had done beforehand through your program. I would absolutely recommend the program to a friend - it provides such a good knowledge base to make informed decisions."

- Aryn MacPhail

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"I don't know what I would have done without your program, Sophie. I would have probably spent hours on the internet trying to find out what I should or should not do. Using all the information I learned in your course, I felt prepared, in control and empowered through my entire labour and I can't thank you enough!"

- Liz Carter

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