About us

Dear mom-to-be 🙂

My name is Sophie Villeneuve and I am a Pelvic Health Physiotherapist and certified Birth Healing Specialist. Since 2015, I have been helping hundreds of pregnant moms to prepare their body for birth so they can fully recover and enjoy their family life without pelvic symptoms.

My program works BEST for women who...

  • Are pregnant and just started their 2nd trimester
  • Are interested in a full continuum of care from early pregnancy all the way through their postpartum recovery
  • Want the best support and expertise to prepare their body for birth without having to "fish around" to find answers to their questions
  • Highly value preventative care and education
  • Are willing to put in the time and efforts to get the best outcomes for their pelvic health
  • Are interested in connecting with other moms and be part of a community of women who value pelvic health

My program is NOT the right fit if you....

  • Want a one-time consultation or "come as you need" services
  • Are not ready to commit to a full continuum of care
  • Are strictly interested in addressing pelvic health symptoms or get a "quick fix"
  • Have no time to follow the recommendations and exercises suggested (min 15 min / day)

Hear Shari-Lynn's story

"Sophie is such an amazing resource and guide in your prenatal preparation and post natal recovery. I bought her package and it was so worth it! She is knowledgeable and compassionate and will even make funny faces at your baby while treating you! Her service is totally geared to the needs of new mammas.
Her post natal exercise class in particular, was great! It was a safe and supportive environment to start healing your body, meet new mammas and talk about the challenges of the fourth trimester. I felt empowered and informed and I had great results! By the end of the four week class my abdominal separation was closed. I can't recommend Sophie enough!"

Hear Erin's story

"Sophie's prenatal teachings were such an incredible lifesaver for us. It helped my partner and I learn together, to build confidence, to relieve the mysteries around labour and what to expect; and to learn so much about my pelvic health and how to best prepare my body for labour.

Whenever I hear of someone newly pregnant, my immediate response is: ‘if you haven’t already, you need to connect with Sophie!’

She is an incredibly passionate, knowledgeable, skilled and caring person – I’m so grateful to have had her as part of my journey!"

Interested in working with me?

Book a discovery call now so we can chat about your goals and see if we are the right fit 🙂

Our program has limited space, and we recommend to start it in early pregnancy (ideally 2nd trimester).


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