Every mother deserves lifelong pelvic health

Sophie Villeneuve is a Pelvic Health Physiotherapist who has been helping mothers to prepare and recover from birth since 2015. Through her pre & postnatal classes as well as customized physiotherapy care, Sophie provides each mother with an empowering pelvic health experience for a lifelong confidence. 

Sharing my birth story for the first time on Youtube

I finally sat down, 8 months after birth, to share my positive birth story with you ❤️ I am so excited to connect with my Youtube community again after so long, and I know you have been wondering how my birth went and how things are going, so here is the whole story in details. For those who have been told horror stories about birth, know that this one is NOT one of them, and although my "birth plan" did not go exactly the way I had envisioned it, I still walked out of it with an amazing feeling of empowerment, joy and happiness, and thinking "I want to do this again". If you are pregnant right now and watching this, I just want the same for you so I hope my story will provide hope and inspiration.

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It had been 2 years since I had my last child and the pain in my abomen had been getting worse and worse. Waited to see Sophie as she was highly recommended, and it was worth the wait. After one session my pain was gone and I was able to start to strengthen my core! Sophie is very professional and competent... Very knowledgeable in her field!

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