The best decision you will ever make is to see Sophie! She changed my life and I will forever be grateful. I had a traumatic birth and everything that could go wrong went wrong. Forceps delivery with tearing and pelvic organ prolapse. When I met Sophie I was in constant pain and not even able to pick up my son or do any chores. The thought of going for a walk or anything active made me cringe because I knew it will cause pain. Sophie treated me with respect and dignity and helped me to strengthen my pelvic floor muscles. It’s not an overnight miracle cure and I’ll never be the same as before pregnancy and birth but I can live my life again. Sophie is amazing at what she does and I’m blessed to have found her!

Yolandi Aproskie -

Sophie Villeneuve and "Get your Floor Ready for Baby" are fantastic resources for pregnant women preparing for labour and delivery. Sophie is a very engaging instructor - her modules are easy to understand, with clear exercises and summaries that keep the information digestible and easily applicable, without overwhelm. Sophie has a wealth of advanced training and clinical experience, and I have confidently referred my own pregnant patients to her for years for clinical consultations and in-person classes. Investing in your pelvic floor health with Sophie is not something you will regret!

Dr Jocelyn Murphy, ND -

"Get Your Floor Ready for Baby" online prenatal class was immensely helpful to me in preparing for labour. The visual cues and muscle memory from the exercises stuck with me, and my body was better able to relax into the pain instead of tensing against it. Even during the intense and painful pushing stage, the sensations felt familiar and safe because I had already experienced some of them on a lesser scale through the exercises. The medical staff even said they were impressed with how well my perineum fared - the strangest compliment I've ever received! I highly recommend this course to any pregnant person who wants to be more in tune with their body and better mentally and physically prepared for birth. Thanks so much Sophie, for helping make my birth experience a lot less scary!

Sarah Crocker -

As a life-long athlete, I was frustrated that lower back and pelvic pain as well as diastasis recti made getting out of bed and short walks painful during the latter part of my 2nd and 3rd pregnancies. Sophie’s fact-based approach empowered me to make better choices during labour, delivery and recovery to help set the foundation for returning to exercise in a safe, injury-free way.

Kate D -

Get your Floor Ready for Baby course was such an incredible lifesaver for us. It helped my partner and I learn together, to build confidence, to relieve the mysteries around labour and what to expect; and to learn so much about my pelvic health and how to best prepare my body for labour. Whenever I hear of someone newly pregnant, my immediate response is: ‘if you haven’t already, you need to connect with Sophie!’ She is an incredibly passionate, knowledgeable, skilled and caring person – I’m so grateful to have had you as part of my journey!

Erin Legault -

Even though I already have two children, I wanted to avoid tearing again for my third delivery and to prepare my pelvic floor for the birth and the post-partum phase. Sophie’s online class "Get your Floor Ready for Baby" was so informative, well structured and clear, it empowered me to take care of my pregnant body. It paid off : even though my baby came out in a record 2 minutes of pushing,I did not tear!! I’m feeling surprisingly well and I have a lot of gratitude for what Sophie and her expertise brought me.

Éliane Cloutier -

I first connected with Sophie after the caesarean birth of my first child. After just one postpartum session, I profoundly wished I had known about her services during my pregnancy. During my second pregnancy, I was thus able to treat my body with more gentleness, awareness and respect. I had set my hopes on a VBAC and Sophie helped me prepare for that goal - which was a success! I am much more mindful with my postpartum recovery this time around, and I am grateful to Sophie for having connected me to my pelvic health. I can’t recommend her Experience package enough!

Rox-Ann Duchesne -

Sophie is a one-of-a-kind physio who serves in a much-needed role. She a wealth of information and personally invested in helping her patients improve. Her therapies are easy to follow but effective and she is wonderful at following up and maintaining open communication; you get the feeling she genuinely cares. After working with her, I've regained confidence and feel empowered to pursue my exercise goals. I will never forget the personalized care she provided and the vast improvement in my post-partum symptoms.

Kelly King -

Sophie has taught me the importance of my own mental, physical and sexual health during and after pregnancy. She gave me the confidence needed for labour (even though it ended up not being a vaginal birth). She was there after birth to listen and make sure my own healing was happening. She gave me the confidence to return to the activities I loved pre pregnancy ( skiing). Sophie is an asset to our community for women's sexual health!

Jodie McGregor -

Sophie saved my life!! Prior to my first baby I had very little knowledge of pelvic health, but considered myself an active and strong person. However, after delivery I was experiencing lots of pain and discomfort down there and my doctor recommended seeing a physio. Thankfully I found Sophie! We had to start from square one! I had almost no strength! Today I am now a mother of two! Sophie not only gave me the strength to feel normal again after having a baby, but also the strength to endure another pregnancy and delivery! It was a world of difference for recovery from baby 1 to baby 2, all thanks to Sophie! :)

Amy Palamar -