Tightly Wound: short movie about painful sex

Dyspareunia. A fancy word for “pain with sex”. You would be surprised how many women come through my office expressing that sex is not enjoyable to them, even painful. For some, they have never known anything else than sex = pain (called “primary dyspareunia”). For others, it used to be comfortable and enjoyable, but it is not anymore (called “secondary dyspareunia”) for different reasons ranging from trauma, childbirth, hormonal changes, etc.

So how are you supposed to cope with painful sex? How can you fall in love or maintain a relationship? How can you be hopeful about having kids? Or have a gynecological examination performed if you need to? I can totally understand how distressing it can be.

This short video is such a great eye opener about “vaginissmus” – a condition where the muscles around the vagina contracts in a reflex manner when something is inserted (tampon, penetration). This is only one condition, amongst others, that can cause dyspareunia. However, I think some parts of this video  can speak to many women who deal with dyspareunia. I also love the message of hope that it provides. Because YES, there is hope, and we can help you!

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Sophie Villeneuve, Pelvic Health Physiotherapist