Doing your Kegels right: pro tips!

“I have been doing Kegels but I am not sure if I do it right, so I would like you to check…” – so many women consulting me…!!! 

I don’t blame you ladies. Before taking my first Pelvic Health PT education course, I did not know either… Isn’t it crazy that we are not educated about pelvic health in school as early as teen age? Knowing how to contract and release your pelvic floor is such an important part of maintaining good pelvic health as a woman! It can be a game changer in your sex life, it can avoid embarrassing urine leakage symptoms, it keeps your your bowel & bladder health on the ball, it provides stability to your pelvis & low back… It is extremely connected to so many functions!! But still, we barely know these muscles even exist, let alone how to exercise them…!

If you want to get my pro tips to learn how to contract & release your pelvic floor (aside from the typical “try to stop your flow of urine” exercise that many women were told to do but is so unhealthy for your bladder!!), this video is for you! 

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