Forward leaning inversion for Birth Prep!

Forward leaning inversion pose

The Forward-leaning Inversion is meant to create room in the lower uterus by using gravity. The goal is to stretch the ligaments of the uterus and cervix to remove tensions and restrictions around your baby and ease labour and birth. It is also a great stretch if you experience any round ligament pain (around the belly button) or pain on the sides of your belly bump. Lastly, it can be used during your contractions in labour if your cervix is not dilating properly.

When should you be doing forward-leaning inversions? 

  • As a proactive way to prepare your body for labour in your third trimester in order to make room for baby to be in the most optimal position – even if baby’s head is already down 🙂
  • Can be done during a full contraction during labour if your cervix is not dilating (stalled labour) – ask clearance from health provider before performing this pose in labour
  • To try and flip a breech baby
  • If you have round ligament pain or pain on the sides of your belly bump
  • If you feel pelvic heaviness at the end of your day
  • If you have swelling in your lower body and want to improve circulation

How to perform a forward leaning inversion pose? 

**Important: If you have doubts about the safety of this pose during your pregnancy, get clearance from your medical provider first.**

  • Ask your partner or a friend to be present with you the first few times in case you feel any symptoms (ex: dizziness) during the exercise
  • Put a stool, chair or coffee table nearby so you can support yourself when coming back up from your inversion pose
  • Kneel on your sofa or bed (if it is low enough)
  • You can ask your partner or friend to hold your thighs to feel more safe
  • Slowly  lower yourself down so your hands are on the floor **this may be where you want to stop for the first few times, especially if you are in your third trimester. Get used to this position first before moving to a lower position.**
  • Then, if you feel OK, go all the way unto your elbows for a steeper angle.
  • Hold the position for 3 breaths  – not longer!
  • Slowly come back up using the stool/chair/table nearby as a support
  • Stay in a high kneeling position (see image below) for 3 breaths
  • Stand up unless you feel any symptoms of dizziness or head pounding

When should you AVOID doing forward-leaning inversions? 

  • After eating
  • If you have high blood pressure, glaucoma
  • If you have any vaginal bleeding
  • If the inversion triggers pain anywhere in your body
  • If you feel dizzy or have severe headache during or after the exercise
  • If baby is moving a lot in frantic ways during the pose
  • If you present any medical condition associated with your pregnancy: check with your doctor prior to practice an inversion pose
  • If your intuition tells you to avoid it 🙂 Always listen to your mother’s intuition!

How often should you do it? 

  • For labour preparation: 1-2x/day as of your third trimester – there is nothing wrong with doing it earlier if you wish.
  • For pain management: 1-2x/day + whenever you feel symptoms
  • To flip a breech baby: 7x/day x hold the position a little longer i.e. 45 secs

For a better visual, check out my video below 🙂 

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