My TOP postpartum MUST-HAVES!

My TOP postpartum MUST-HAVES!

After bringing baby home, your body will need lots of TLC, and there are amazing products out there that I love to recommend in order to ease your recovery. Whether you had a belly birth or a vaginal delivery, here is a list of my favourite products with their links, and I will tell you why I think they should be part of your postpartum healing kit 🙂

#1 Poise pads

Bleeding will likely be experienced after bringing baby home, whether you had a vaginal delivery or a belly birth. In addition, you may experience a bit of bladder control issues especially in the first week postpartum. Having protection that provides good breathability for your lady bits will be super important to protect your skin. I would recommend using pads that are specifically designed for urine incontinence and provide that extra breathability compared to menstrual pads.

Poise pads are definitely my pick in that department, and they can be found in any drug store. You may want to choose extra absorbency especially for the first week 🙂 PRODUCT LINK

#2 Squatty Potty

Constipation is one of the most common issues that mammas report after birth. Since constipation and straining is a huge factor in pelvic floor dysfunctions (especially postpartum), we want to put all the chances on your side to poo easily! And squatting to poo is one easy way to support your bowel health without too much effort! By squatting, yourelease some muscles in your pelvic floor and help creating more space around the rectum, which reduces the chances of straining on the toilet. PRODUCT LINK

#3 Gel packs for heat/cold therapy

Whether you have bad hemorrhoids, pain in the vaginal or rectum area, or pain on your belly wound, these gel packs will work wonders at relieving pain. You can use them as cold or hot packs, and they remain flexible when cold which is the key if you want to sit on them comfortably. PRODUCT LINK


#4 FridaBaby Peri Bottle

This ergonomic Peri Bottle is fantastic when you are dealing with a vaginal tear, and painful urination or bowel movement. Fill the bottle with the temperature of your choice, and spray some on your lady bits or anus after bowel movement and urination. Simply pat dry after. No painful wiping with TP! The upside down design makes it super easy to use while sitting on the toilet! It may not be as useful for mammas who had elective cesarean births, but for any mamma who went through a vaginal delivery or an emergency c-section with a long pushing stage, I highly recommend it! PRODUCT LINK

#5 Witch hazel pads

Witch hazel has amazing healing properties, and can be very soothing on the perineal area after a vaginal birth or for any mom who suffer from hemorrhoids. FridaBaby designed these handy pre-made perineal pads with witch hazel, which you can leave in your refrigerator for a cooling and soothing effect. However, you can totally make your own home-made ones using menstrual pads and witch hazel 🙂 PRODUCT LINK


#6 Belly wrap

For any mom who had a belly birth, I recommend wearing a soft belly wrap for the first 4 weeks in order to protect the surgical site. For moms who had a vaginal delivery, I tend to recommend belly wrapping on a case-by-case basis. Any mom who has a severe diastasis recti or report having trouble lifting their baby because of core weakness may benefit from belly wrapping, but again it is based on each mamma’s needs.

My favourite wrap is the one from Bellies Inc, as it is adjustable and soft which is super important to protect your pelvic organs. We want to avoid a rigid support that would create too much tension on your abdomen. Indeed, this increased pressure could actually bring too much pressure down on the pelvic organs and potentially increase the chances of developing a prolapse postpartum.

Bottom line: if you are not sure if belly wrapping is for you or not, ask your Pelvic Health PT before investing in a wrap 🙂

If you are a client of mine and are interested in getting the Bellies Inc wrap, contact me 🙂

#7 My BreastFriend – feeding pillow

Having a good support during your baby’s feeds can make a world of a difference in the aches and pain in your shoulders andback. This pillow is great because it can be secured through the strap, so will not slide away from your body as you are feeding your little one. It also has a handy pocket for your water bottle so you can stay hydrated at all times during feeds. Many of my clients have recommended it! PRODUCT LINK



What are YOUR favourite postpartum products for mommy care?

Share your picks by commenting below! 🙂


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