Calves on a stool: reduce pelvic pressure during and after pregnancy

Calves on a stool position during and after pregnancy

“Calves on a stool” is such a great simple exercise to help decreasing pressure on the pelvis during and after pregnancy. I thought you may be interested in knowing about it, whether or not you have symptoms, so you can use it now or in the future if you present those symptoms 💜

During pregnancy🤰

✅ To reduce symptoms of pelvic or vaginal pressure

✅ To reduce swelling in the labias and lower body (legs/feet)

✅ To use as a resting pose whenever you feel too much pressure in the vagina after being on your feet

✅ To allow baby to move around and reduce pressure on the bladder and pubic bone

Postpartum 🤱

✅ To decrease pressure on the pelvis and vagina

✅ To allow the pelvic organs to come back up

✅ To connect with your pelvic floor and feel better your contractions if you cannot feel them in sitting or lying down positions


✅ You can stay in the position for 5-10 min once a day or as many times as you want if it feels good!

✅ Use enough cushions or pillows so your pelvis is higher than your heart ❤️

✅ Make sure you’re comfortable! This position should feel good – if there is pain you need to re-adjust

✅ You can also have your legs up on the wall with your bum as close as possible from the wall

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