2- After Baby Recovery Guide Ebook


In my postnatal ebook, you will learn:

  • How to prepare for your fourth trimester to best support your recovery
  • How to support the healing of your vaginal tear or c-section incision 
  • Tips to manage the most common postpartum symptoms such as constipation & hemorrhoids, vaginal tears, urine leakage, and more
  • My step-by-step postpartum guide from week 1 to 12 for a seamless recovery, including advice about return to low & high impact activities, pelvic floor & deep core exercises, and symptom management 
  • Links to my videos for more in-depth learning
  • GET THIS BOOK for FREE by getting one of my Beyond Birthing packages  or get 50% off by signing up to my prenatal class Get your Floor Ready for Baby!

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